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Copperfield's Designer Fireplaces

Copperfield’s is a specialist chimney piece maker and we offer a personalized service to architects, interior designers and decorators. Individual commissions can also be undertaken.

Bespoke Service
Custom fireplaces can be created from drawings and pictures, using a large library of decoration as well as modeling both traditional and contemporary items as required.

Besides this bespoke service, a standard range of chimney pieces has been introduced and will be added to as interesting designs are developed. CAD drawings are available on request.

A variety of limestone, marble and silica aggregates are used to replicate classical stone types.
Portland limestone: A smooth, fine grained stone varying in colour from white to light grey.
Bath Stone: A honey coloured, medium to course grained limestone quarried in the Roman spa town south of the Cotswolds.

Paint Finishes
For paint finishes all chimney pieces are offered in a hard, acrylic gypsum plaster, which is an ideal medium for specialized paint techniques, which are available through Copperfield’s.

Craftsmanship is a hallmark at Copperfield’s, where traditional techniques and skills are employed in designing, modeling and making the chimney pieces and accessories. Copperfield’s has craftsmen available who have been in practice for up to nearly 5 decades and coming from a European background in their art.



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